At Oneroa Dental Surgery we offer a wide range of general dental services as well as a number of specialised dental services. This is an additional level of service we can provide for Waiheke Island as a result of our staff undergoing hundreds of hours of advanced training. New and existing patients can Book Online now, or give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

Fillings, Crowns and Bridges: our practice doesn’t use mercury amalgam, which allows us to offer a good range of other materials. Most simple fillings are white composite, but when larger amounts of tooth have broken or decayed away we can offer stronger materials such as porcelain/ceramic or gold. The term crown is very generic – there are many different types such as onlays, inlays or partial crowns and these can be made of ceramic, gold (white or yellow), or a hybrid mix of materials. Our dentists will advise you of all options. We have the latest intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM systems to reduce the number of the moulds or impressions taken which makes the appointment much more comfortable for you.

Cosmetic treatments such as Veneers are easily performed to improve your smile, and we use the latest advancements in Teeth Whitening to help you get a brighter smile. We also can use ClearCorrect aligners to straighten your teeth – the invisible alternative to braces.

We are ACC Accredited and can treat patients for dental accidents and emergencies. We also work with international insurance companies and Southern Cross.

Root Canal Treatment is necessary if the nerve in the tooth has died or is infected – this is a relatively straight forward procedure. We access the middle part of the tooth, cleaning the nerve canals, and then placing a filling down the space in the roots where the nerve once was. The tooth then needs restoring on the top part to help prevent it cracking in the future.

Tooth Removal is necessary once the tooth has broken past the point of restoration, or has become infected or abscessed. Some teeth are harder to extract than others due to different shapes and number of their roots in the bone. For teeth that have multiple roots such as the back molar or wisdom teeth it is sometimes easier to remove these in parts as it stops the roots and bone breaking.

Full Jaw and 3D X-rays are taken, and are especially useful when assessing Surgical Wisdom Teeth. We can see exactly where the nerve is to reduce the chance of nerve damage during surgery, and speeds up the healing. We also plan all of our Dental Implants with digital software to enable the best position for replacement of missing teeth, and then can use 3D printing to make surgery guides. We also can use 3D printing for Removable Partial Plates and Full Dentures.

IV Sedation is a great and safe way to have treatment as you feel very relaxed and sleepy so that time passes faster and treatment is easily tolerable. You often don’t remember much of the appointment at all, and 1 hour seems like 5 minutes. Come in for a consultation to find out more.

Preventative Care and Hygiene Treatments are carried out by our Hygienist. We use new European technology of polishing powder spray to clean the staining and bacteria off your teeth, rather than abrasive pastes which can damage the tooth surface. This makes the treatment quicker and less traumatic for people with sensitive teeth.

Teenagers between school Year 9 to 13 can have free dental care. The following services are covered by the Ministry of Health: an annual examination, x-rays and cleaning, fillings (not all white fillings), fissure sealants, fluoride treatments, extractions (not Orthodontic), root canal treatments, and emergency consultations.